Counselor in Training (CIT) Program
For those entering grades 8-10 in the Fall, welcome to our CIT program! Teens who are ready to take on real responsibility while still having the comfort of counselor supervision will have a perfect place on our campus. This program combines counselor training sessions, teen travel with weekly day trips, two optional overnight trips, daily specialty CIT events and typical Summer Day activities. CIT trips include water parks, amusement parks, Manhattan excursions, kayaking, rock climbing and adventure sports, socials and other activities and special events. We also include a community service component to our CIT program in which the children raise funds or complete projects for worthy charitable causes.

We now offer an alternate option for those children entering 8th grade, an extended camper year. Those children who are not quite interested in the "work" component may opt into an additional camper summer to enjoy the fun!
  1. CIT What a Mess
    CIT What a Mess
  2. CIT Computers
    CIT Computers
  3. CIT Cooking
    CIT Cooking
  4. CIT Studio Art
    CIT Studio Art
  5. CIT Cooking
    CIT Cooking
  6. CIT Lounge
    CIT Lounge
  7. CIT Athletics
    CIT Athletics
  8. CIT Fine Arts
    CIT Fine Arts
  9. CIT Kickball
    CIT Kickball
  10. CIT Disney Day
    CIT Disney Day
  11. CIT Adventureland Trip
    CIT Adventureland Trip
  12. CIT Adventureland Trip
    CIT Adventureland Trip
  13. CIT Glow Golf Trip
    CIT Glow Golf Trip
  14. CIT Carnival
    CIT Carnival