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LWA Summer Day Broadcasting 2017- July

LWA Summer Day Broadcasting 2017- August

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Our goal at LWA is to build every child up to feel special while they are given the opportunity to explore, discover, face new personal challenges, develop new skills, and hone his or her individual abilities and talents. We truly believe our program stands out for its emphasis on nurturing a child’s strengths, and balancing awesome outdoor activities and sports on fields no other local summer program can boast of with exciting and creative fun in our large air-conditioned facility. We also offer many unique and specialized activities so that there is no “one size fits all” approach to a summer program.  If your child desires a strong sports program, many options exist for intensive athletic training and play. If your child seeks more of an academic experience or wants to dive into the visual or creative arts, our flexible program and facility are unmatched in their ability to deliver.  Our broad offerings set the stage for lifelong friendships, learning, growing and just plain FUN!

Since 1977 we have been providing this unique, safe and nurturing co-ed environment for children ages 2-15. We also offer our CIT program for teens entering 8th-10th grades.

Barbra Feldman
JD, Director

  1. Athletics Options Galore!
    Athletics Options Galore!
  2. Instructional & Free Swim
    Instructional & Free Swim
  3. Upper Camp Boys' Division
    Upper Camp Boys' Division
  4. Upper Camp Girls' Division
    Upper Camp Girls' Division
  5. Nursery Program
    Nursery Program
  6. CIT Program
    CIT Program
  7. Title 8
    Title 8
  8. Full Camp Events
    Full Camp Events
  9. Center for the Creative Arts
    Center for the Creative Arts
    for an arts-only program
  10. Champion Sports Academy
    Champion Sports Academy
    for a sports-only program